Kitchen bar

Try our kitchen bar where the flavor inebriates you

A Greek proverb says “a hungry bear does not dance”! And that’s why at Ilyessa Cottages we take care of you and provide you with homemade food from organic

products, locally grown and harvested. All our meals are made with love, something you will definitely find out.

Our breakfast consists of a large variety of hot and cold, sweet and savory dishes, coffee and freshly squeezed juices to choose what you like. So, you’ll start your day full of energy!

Throughout the day you can enjoy our well-cooked dishes or cocktails in front of the pool, among our enchanting gardens, or gazing at the endless blue sea. Of course, you can also taste our fine dishes in our warm and welcoming Kitchen Bar.

Speak with the taste

Once the sun sets, the “Mama’s Cooking” starts. In an atmosphere that can easily described as utopian,we offer you a variety of homemade dishes with organic products, locally grown and harvested. Prepared with motherly love and tradinional cooking technics we will end your day accordingly.


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