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A Day of Culinary Delights at Hara's Kitchen Bar

Welcome to Hara’s Kitchen & Bar at Ilyessa Cottages, where the essence of home-style cooking meets the vibrancy of local spirits. As your culinary guide, Hara invites you to explore the diverse flavors of Zakynthos through her expertly crafted breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

Morning Boost: Start your day with a hearty breakfast spread that combines local produce with Hara’s culinary flair. Enjoy the comfort of home-style cooking in each carefully prepared dish.

Daytime Delights: Indulge in Zakynthos’ authentic flavors during lunch, where Hara’s kitchen serves up a mix of local favorites and international inspirations. From fresh salads to savory options, every dish reflects the vibrant culinary scene of the island.

Evening Elegance: As the sun sets, Ilyessa Kitchen Bar transforms into an intimate space for dinner, offering a curated menu that captures the essence of Zakynthos. Pair your meal with a selection of local wines and cocktails for a truly immersive experience.

Unwind at the bar with a selection of local spirits and expertly crafted cocktails. Discover a laid-back atmosphere at Ilyesa Kitchen & Bar. This is not just dining; it’s a genuine experience of Zakynthian hospitality and gastronomy.

Speak with the taste

Speak with the taste

A Day in Flavor: Crafting Homestyle All Day

Indulge in the flavors of every moment at Ilyessa Kitchen Bar, where homestyle creations made with care bring a taste of Zakynthos to your day.

Book your experience, and beyond the delicious meals, become part of the Ilyessa family – a welcoming embrace that extends even if you’re staying outside Ilyessa. Join us for a culinary journey that goes beyond, where every guest is embraced as part of our family.

Reserve your spot now to savor the essence of Zakynthian homestyle goodness and join the Ilyessa family at Hara’s Kitchen Bar.

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