Snack Bar

Our Snack Bar

Wake up in the morning with a nutritious breakfast and coffee or enjoy a delicious meal while sipping of refreshing cocktail in the evening.
Start your day with a selection of our freshly prepared breakfast. We only use fresh and organic ingredients sourced locally from Zakynthos. We understand that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that is why we offer this unique service.
Our all day pool bar boasts breathtaking gardens and a relaxing swimming pool to ensure your enjoy your days with us in peace.
We recommend a dip in the pool accompanied with a refreshing drink and a snack of your choice while soaking up the hot Mediterranean sunshine.
The surprises don't end there.
Once the sunsets, you can enjoy an atmosphere which can only be described as paradise. Sit back with a cold beer, refreshing cocktail or even a local wine accompanied by a mini food selection, everything you need create unforgettable memories during the blissful summer nights.